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An exciting milestone: looking ahead to the future of Green Story

April 5, 2022


A few weeks ago, we shared some exciting news: Green Story raised €1.1m, led by 4Impact, to empower more consumers to know their impact. We can’t thank enough all of our investors, 150+ brand partners and incredible team of 35 change makers, for making this possible. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the future of Green Story!



How it all started

Nav and I founded Green Story in 2015. We met while studying our MBA at Rotman School of Management in Toronto and very quickly realised we had a shared vision: to get every consumer to know their impact and empower them to make greener choices when shopping.

Fast forward to 2022, and Green Story has partnered with hundreds of leading fashion brands, including PANGAIA, thredup, Rent the Runway and Hanesbrands, helping them in their sustainability journey, reaching millions of consumers and educating them on the environmental performance of the products they buy. Today, we are proud to say that we have enabled the sale of 2 million carbon neutral products and together, avoided 115 million kg of emissions (equal to almost 14k flights around the world) and saved 51 billion liters of water (equal to almost 20.5k olympic sized swimming pools).


What’s next

This investment will enable us to scale up, grow our international team of experts and speed up the development of a new and ambitious sustainability platform, set to tackle fashion’s transparency woes and one of its oldest and notorious problems, misinformation.

The new Green Story platform brings together all our existing services into a one-stop solution, from LCA to environmental performance visualization, to supply chain traceability, to product footprint calculation and carbon offsetting. To all effects, it will enable brands to take control of their product sustainability strategy and communications, and build a seamless customer experience embedded with their green story throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle. So that consumers have visibility into a product’s impact in an easy and relatable way.

We believe our consumer-centric sustainability platform will radically change the way brands talk about impact and performance for the better. It will also enable us to serve more companies and quicker, and bring us closer to reaching our goal to empower 1 billion consumers to know their impact and make choices that are better for the planet and generations to come.

Our focus at Green Story has always been to provide data excellence so that brands can communicate their product environmental performance with peace of mind, knowing that it is accurate, verifiable and relatable, and so that consumers feel good about shopping their sustainable products. We truly believe that together we can drive positive change in the fashion industry and solve the issues that have permeated the fashion industry until today.

The question now is: are you interested in joining our mission?

Thanks for reading, and please reach out if we can help.