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Interested in learning more about green marketing, sustainable fabrics, impact measurement or carbon offset? Take a look at our Sustainability Guides below and download yours today.

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Navigating Fashion Sustainability Regulations in Europe and North America

Discover key regulations and labeling in North America and Europe mandating fashion supply chain mapping and impact analysis.

A Guide to Next-Gen Materials and Innovative fibers

Explore the shift to sustainable fibers driven by consumer demand and policy in our Next-Gen Materials Guide.

How Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can help brands navigate sustainability

Dr. Muthu addresses LCA critiques and the Higg Index controversy in fashion, offering insights on sustainability.

Green Fabric Guide

Explore eight eco-friendly fabrics, their environmental impacts, and certifications in our Green Fabric Guide.

Going Beyond Greenwashing Guide

Curated greenwashing checklist, tips to make correct and legal environmental claims and the latest on legislative developments.

A Guide to Green Marketing

10 essential tips that you can immediately implement to tell your sustainability story with authenticity.

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