Why choose Green Story?

Green Story is the sustainability platform helping brands unlock the potential of their sustainability data and achieve a better way of doing business - whether they are at the beginning of their journey to net-zero or are already achieving environmental milestones.
With Green Story, data accuracy is a must and green efforts are rewarded, with tools that are powerful alone, but better together.
Accelerate your journey to net-zero with Green Story.
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Brands that are transparent in their marketing and actively talk about their sustainability impact are more likely to reach millennials.
Over 90% of consumers say transparency by a brand is important to their purchase decisions.
The Data challenge

The fashion industry has a misinformation problem

Consumers are skeptical and tend to think that the data coming from a brand is not accurate. They hardly trust a brand’s data. Anti-green legislation is created to demand brands for transparency, in the form of proof and verification of their green claims.
Halftruths, out-of-date information and shocking statistics stripped of context are widely circulated, from the notion that fashion is the second-most polluting industry to the idea that cotton is thirsty or that it consumes 25% of the world’s insecticides.

From: COTTON: A CASE STUDY IN MISINFORMATION by Transformers Foundation
Just 20% of people actively compare brands’ sustainability credentials when they are shopping. The biggest blocker for consumers shopping for sustainable fashion is complexity and trust. We must communicate sustainability in a simple and credible way across platforms.

From: Attitude-Behavior Gap Zalando Report (2020)
The Commercial challenge

Brands struggle to make a return on their sustainability investment.

It’s difficult and expensive to find a qualitative, credible, transparent, turnkey sustainability solution with a consumer facing component, that can help you communicate sustainability in a way that is authentic, transparent and easy to understand.

In short

Accurate data is difficult to gather
Fear of greenwashing makes it harder to communicate impact
Marketing and sustainability teams struggle to align
Resulting in a broken sustainability customer experience and difficult Return On Sustainability Investment (ROSI)

Green Story is the essential sustainability platform built with your customers in mind

Capture accurate sustainability data for your products, leverage it and communicate it to the market in a way that can be accessible, relatable and easy to understand. Doing so will enable you to drive sustainability forwards in an authentic and transparent way, create a seamless customer experience, and increase revenue for your brand.

Tell your green story at every touch point, every step of the way.

Know Your Impact
Simplizero Ecommerce

Built to drive sustainability data accuracy and power your green marketing so that you get rewarded for your green efforts

Unrivalled knowledge
Whether it’s using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies to measure impact and footprint calculations, through to evaluating consumers' behaviour and delivering effective sustainability communications, our experience comes from analysing 2500+ supply chains in 35 countries and working with 150+ of the world’s leading fashion brands
A one-stop consumer-facing solution
The one and only platform that makes makes your products’ environmental performance trustworthy, transparent and easy to understand for all of your stakeholders, providing a seamless customer experience and helping you tell your green story
When it comes to sustainability, lead by example with Green Story
Join the 1% of brands shaking up sustainability in fashion. Choosing data-driven transparency and diving into the environmental impact of your supply chain will bring unparalleled benefits to your customers and the wider industry

Know Your Impact

Use Life Cycle Assessment methodology and our visualisation platform to quantify and show your products impact in a powerful, accurate and relatable way
Trace your footprint across the full life cycle of a product
Make it easy for customers to understand a product’s impact
Make it verifiable and credible
End-to-end integration with every e-commerce platform
Third party verified data
Personalised plug-ins and APIs to match your brand’s visual identity
Compliance with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards
In line with global anti-greenwashing legislation
In line with global anti-greenwashing legislation
20 kg avoided
5 kWh saved
2 L saved

Simplizero Ecommerce

Highlight your products’ carbon neutrality throughout the shopping experience (including at post-purchase) and watch engagement grow.
Communicate the power of your impact and boost audience engagement
Tailor project recommendations to match the locations in your supply chain
Achieve in-depth transparency to ensure your carbon offsets are credible
Seamless integration into every e-commerce platform
Carbon offset accounting
Products’ emissions offset at wholesale level. Upload your entire order and offset the order’s emission:
Third-party certified and verified projects via
Leading brands and retailers trust us