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March 2024

Analytics and Reports: CSV download


Elevate your data analysis game with our latest feature – CSV download capability for comprehensive analytics and reporting. With just a click, effortlessly export your product, footprint and supplier reports in CSV format. Dive deep into insights, crunch numbers, and visualize trends with ease.

February 2024

Transportation summary

Discover the transportation summary screen, designed to give you a birds-eye view of your component-to-component transportation operations. Easily track every step from drop location to pick up, along with transportation mode and leg details ensuring. With just a click, you can also explore specific details for each component's journey. It's simple, efficient, and puts you in charge of your logistics.

Add supplier against components

Seamlessly add suppliers against each component with a click of a button. Simply select your preferred supplier or designate the country/region if you're unsure, directly within our interface. With this intuitive solution, managing your component supply chain has never been easier.

November 2023

Use phase

Use phase is the third stage of lifecycle stages. Here, we dive deep into the real-world utilization of products by consumers across different geographical locations.  

During this phase, we capture data related to the care and maintenance of products post-purchase. This invaluable use phase data reflects the diverse needs and behaviors of consumers worldwide. For each geographical location, you'll find comprehensive data encompassing care instructions – think washing, drying, and ironing – and usage attributes. These usage attributes span a range of factors including service life, number of washes, number of repairs, and even time in hours.  

Incorporate this valuable use phase data to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your use phase information contributes to your footprint and tailor your sustainability efforts accordingly.

Use Phase Screen

End of life

The fourth and final stage in your product's lifecycle journey—the end of life phase. Here, we shed light on the programs and initiatives you've undertaken for the responsible disposal of your products. These programs encompass various pathways, such as recycling, reusing, taking back, or municipal disposal, ensuring a sustainable approach to product disposal. The end of life phase represents the culmination of your product's lifecycle, focusing on what happens once it's been discarded by the user.    

Incorporating the end of life phase data enables you to gain a holistic view of how your end of life phase information contributes to your footprint. By embracing responsible disposal practices, you contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product lifecycle.

End of Life Screen


Our advanced Import Functionality streamlines bulk uploads of products, variations, and material compositions with ease, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The Operations Log provides real-time oversight, tracking each operation with unique identifiers such as tracking ID, file name, uploader details, and upload date. This powerful tool enhances operational efficiency, offering transparency and accountability in data management. Experience a seamless and optimized data migration process, saving valuable time and ensuring precision in your workflows.  

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Bulk upload: Variations

Effortlessly enhance your product catalog with our Bulk Upload Variations feature, designed for seamless integration. Whether you're uploading a product with its variations or adding new variations to an existing product within the Green Story system, the process is both straightforward and efficient. Simply download the provided template, input your product details, map the variations, and upload – it's that simple. This streamlined approach not only saves you valuable time but also reduces the energy typically associated with data management tasks. Experience a hassle-free method of expanding and refining your product offerings with our user-friendly Bulk Upload Variations feature.

Bulk Upload Variations
October 2023

Bulk upload: Material Library

Bulk Upload Material Library is  a user-friendly feature designed to effortlessly manage and populate your material database. This streamlined tool facilitates the seamless inclusion of a diverse range of acceptable raw materials, offering users the convenience of choosing from a predefined list. Additionally, it empowers users to associate sustainable attributes with each composition, such as recyclability or biodegradability, further enhancing the depth of your material inventory.

ML_material image 1

Analytics and Reports

The Analytics and Reports feature is a powerful tool tailored to enhance your insights into product, footprint, and supplier dynamics.

Product reports offer detailed insights by style, supplier, material composition, and supply chain, providing a comprehensive view of your product portfolio. Footprint reports allow you to gauge environmental impact based on reporting standards, aligning your sustainability efforts with industry benchmarks. Supplier reports provide a nuanced analysis with both Supplier Summary and Facility Summary, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of supplier performance. With a user-friendly approach, this feature empowers users to transform data into actionable insights.

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September 2023

Overview Dashboard

Dive into a holistic dashboard crafted to provide actionable and comprehensive insights. Access crucial statistics like the number of products, SKUs, suppliers, unique supply chains, and warehouses at a glance. Get quick views on how many supply chains have been mapped and processes with primary data collected. This streamlined view aids brands in assessing their sustainability coverage promptly.

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Replace Supplier with Country or Region

Users can now replace the default global supplier of any component in the supply chain with a country or state of the supplier if the specific supplier is not known. This helps achieve better accuracy in your supply chain data in scenarios when a particular component is sourced from an open market or the supplier is only willing to share the country of region of upstream supplier. It can also be used in scenario analysis to see the impact of moving production of a component from one country to another.

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August 2023

Bulk Upload: Products

Bulk upload empowers users to upload multiple products simultaneously. Simply upload an Excel file containing product details. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly enhance your workflow, saving valuable time and ensuring efficient data management.

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Variant Footprint

Effortlessly view the footprint of product variants from the dedicated footprint screen. This feature provides a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability impact associated with different product variations.  

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Dynamic shortcuts strategically placed in major screens. These Hotbuttons empower you to swiftly and precisely navigate between different screens. No more convoluted routes; just seamless, efficient control at your fingertips.


July 2023

In a game-changing update this July, Green Story's platform has revamped how brands approach sustainability. This user-friendly platform equips brands with quick tools to calculate and visualise a product's environmental footprint and ensures smooth supply chain management.

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Now, brands can make informed decisions without enduring tedious delays.  From analyzing product life cycles to presenting data in straightforward visualizations, the latest Green Story platform sets a new standard for simplicity, transparency, and efficiency in sustainable business practices.  

Green Story is the sustainability platform for brands who want to achieve a better way of doing business through data excellence - whether they are at the beginning of their journey to net-zero or are far into it already. Thanks to its consumer-focused solutions and using the global standard of LCA methodology, Green Story enables brands to accurately quantify and show the environmental performance of their products, and offset their carbon footprint, making them carbon neutral. As a result, we enrich the customer experience with a brand’s green story throughout the customer lifecycle, enhancing transparency, increasing loyalty, and driving revenue. Partnering with hundreds of leading fashion brands like PANGAIA, thredUP, Rent the Runway, Pact and Hanesbrands, Green Story has a global team of experts working to empower 1 billion consumers to know their impact and make choices that are better for the planet and the generations to come.