Empowering Sustainability Through Strategic Partnerships

Green Story collaborates with world-leading innovators, providing a rock-solid foundation for accurate product traceability and footprint calculations in the realm of fashion sustainability.
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Why Our Partnerships Are Crucial


Unifying Expertise

By synergizing Green Story's profound sustainability know-how with technological advancements from global partners, we create a holistic and robust platform.

Aligning with Industry's Best

Green Story's selection of elite partners underlines our commitment to delivering unmatched quality and addressing the fashion industry's evolving challenges.

Pioneering the Future

Our dedication to continuous advancement ensures that we always remain at the forefront of sustainability, driving change and setting benchmarks.

Advantages for Brands

Comprehensive Solution

From lifecycle assessments to hot spot analysis, our partnerships create an all-encompassing sustainability solution for brands.

Confidence in Credibility

Align with a platform backed by global industry leaders, enhancing your brand's trustworthiness.

Seamless Transition

Our partnerships ensure a smooth integration process, making your journey towards a sustainable brand straightforward and efficient.

The Distinctive Edge of Our Collaborations

Data Excellence

Our partnership framework leverages the best in the business to ensure top-tier data accuracy and traceability for every product.

Industry-Wide Recognition

Being associated with global trendsetters, Green Story's platform is a mark of credibility, enhancing brand trustworthiness and reputation.

Fluid Integration

Being associated with global trendsetters, Green Story's platform is a mark of credibility, enhancing brand trustworthiness and reputation.

About Our Partners

With the innovative sustainability data engine, Envizi, and the AI powerhouse, watsonx, IBM is redefining sustainable data analysis
Renowned for its product traceability solutions, EON is shaping the future of transparency in the fashion world.

Hear It From Our Customers

Green Story are unique in that they offer a complete service for Life Cycle Assessment, that includes valuable support in data collection and analytical expertise but beyond this, integrates the results of these studies into content that is meaningful to our customers and internal teams. For businesses seeking to make a positive difference, Green Story is a valuable partner to have!
Green Story provides the transparency and data accuracy that is needed to be able to use the word sustainability alongside your brand.
Maria Sbiti, Head of Impact
Adam Taubenfligel, Creative Director and Founder

Data-Backed Decisions for Authentic Sustainability

Every brand aims for genuine sustainability and trustworthiness in the eyes of their consumers. Green Story propels this transformation by providing:
Transparent Metrics
Dive deep into reliable data that substantiates every decision, ensuring your brand's sustainable practices aren't just claims but verifiable actions.
Customer Confidence
In today's well-informed marketplace, showcase your brand's efforts in real-time, from sourcing to the final product, amplifying trust and loyalty.
Strategic Evolution
Harness insights to make informed choices. From materials to processes, align every step with both sustainability goals and consumer expectations.

Take the Next Step with Green Story

Embark on an authentic sustainability journey. With Green Story, you don't just embrace sustainability; you make it an integral part of your brand's story, resonating deeply with your customers.

Ready to Power Your Transformation?

Let's work together to strengthen your sustainability narrative, making it both impactful and trusted.
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