Pact leverages quantitative sustainability data to drive consumer loyalty and 4x growth through a transparent and simplified approach.

Green Story partnered with Pact, to accurately quantify the environmental impact of their supply chain, leverage LCA data to communicate Pact’s favorable water savings through relatable metrics, as well as additionally adopting Green Story’s carbon neutral program.
Know Your Impact
Simplizero Ecommerce

The challenge

Pact wanted to be able to understand from a data perspective what their impact really looked like and show their customers why sustainability matters. They were looking for a tool that simplified their product sustainability data into bite-sized, digestible information along the customer journey, helping consumers understand where they are making a difference. Besides knowing and communicating their impact, Pact wanted to take responsibility for their supply chain Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions by measuring and offsetting their products’ carbon footprint at all stages of their life cycle.

The Solution

We partnered with Pact to help them understand the environmental impact of their supply chain. Using the Know Your Impact solution, a robust Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was performed by Green Story to accurately quantify the footprint of their products. Then, the LCA results were translated into easy-to-digest, accessible information and visualized in a customer-friendly format – impact metrics.

Since starting the partnership with Green Story in 2018, Pact’s business has grown four times its size in terms of revenue with no signs of letting up.

Thanks to this success, Pact extended the partnership with Green Story by using the Simplizero Ecommerce solution to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their products, through third-party verified carbon projects.

Pact has a robust wholesale business in addition to its online consumer channel. The brand has also utilized Green Story’s Simplizero B2B feature to offset the carbon emissions of its wholesale orders. This highlights Pact’s holistic commitment towards sustainability irrespective of the sales channel.

In the year after implementing Simplizero, Pact is expecting its revenue growth to exceed 40%

Jon Jennings
Chief Innovation Officer, Pact
Green Story really helps our consumers along the journey of learning about sustainability and the difference we are making. And now that we have added the carbon neutral widgets, they have the transparency to see the projects and feel they’re part of it.

The Green Story LCA consulting process

The Green Story team worked with Pact to prepare and collect the required supply chain data. This data is vetted, verified and augmented with secondary research from accredited third parties.
We then provided the analysis and report that showed the environmental footprint (including carbon) of Pact’s supply chains compared to the production processes of a conventional item.
Pact implemented the Know Your Impact solution on their e-commerce website to visualize and communicate the positive impact of their collection through integration via Green Story APIs and plug-ins. This helped customers easily digest the information.
Through Green Story’s Simplizero Ecommerce platform, Pact was able to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their products. Our team was able to provide a list of recommended carbon offsetting projects that best matched their supply chain locations. All of these projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
We integrated the Simplizero Ecommerce plug-in into Pact’s e-commerce website, which allows them to be transparent about its verified carbon offsetting projects. Following integration with Simplizero, customers also receive a post-purchase email about the specific impact that the offsetting has in relation to the carbon footprint of their purchase
Our team continues to provide ongoing support for assessing the Pact’s supply chain impact.


Customized widgets on individual product pages
With Green Story API integration Pact has the ability to fully customize the impact metrics in terms of design. These esthetically relatable, customized widgets visualize and tell a story about the environmental impact of every product based on their specific life cycle. Whether that’s calculating how many liters of water have been saved, or kilograms of carbon emissions offset, Pact is able to show the impact of using sustainable materials like organic cotton and ethical processes.
Offsetting projects aligned with Pact’s mission
Supporting the brand as they take ownership of unavoidable emissions and providing them with a portfolio of offsetting projects that make an immediate impact on their supply chain.
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