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Royal College of Arts: Shaping Sustainable Fashion through Education

Rhea D
December 19, 2023
Green Marketing

Recently, Green Story's commitment to sustainable fashion took a significant leap forward with a visit to the Royal College of Arts. Led by our president and co-founder, Akhil Sivanandan, and our Chief Sustainability Officer, Prof. Dr. Subramanian Muthu, this engagement highlighted the importance of integrating sustainability into fashion education. 

A Session of Learning and Collaboration 

The event, orchestrated by Dr. Savithri Bartlett and Dr. Delfina Fantini van Ditmar, brought to life the concept of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for fashion students. Dr. Muthu's expertise in LCA, particularly his detailed analysis of a cotton T-shirt's environmental impact, provided invaluable insights into sustainable practices in the fashion industry. 

Interactive Learning: Students at the Forefront 

Students actively participated, applying LCA concepts to real-world scenarios. They explored various data points, such as country of origin, fibre content, supplier, and logistics, to understand the environmental footprint of fashion items. This hands-on approach not only educated but also inspired students to think critically about sustainability in design. 

The Importance of Academic Collaborations 

Visits like these are crucial for fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious designers. Collaborating with academic institutions provides a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, thereby influencing the future of sustainable fashion. Engaging with students, the future changemakers, ensures that the principles of sustainability are deeply rooted in the next wave of fashion design. 

Akhil Sivanandan's Reflections 

Reflecting on the event, Akhil Sivanandan expressed his enthusiasm about the opportunity to interact with students and discuss sustainability in fashion design. The feedback and engagement from the students were not 

only positive, highlighting the platform's potential to redefine sustainable practices in the fashion industry. 

The Role of Students in Shaping Sustainable Fashion 

The involvement of students in such interactive sessions is pivotal. They represent the new wave of designers and decision-makers in fashion. By embedding sustainability into their educational journey, we ensure that the next generation is equipped to make responsible and environmentally sound choices in their professional careers. 

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future 

Our visit to the Royal College of Arts symbolizes more than just an educational endeavor; it's a step towards shaping a sustainable future in fashion. By collaborating with educational institutions and engaging with students, we are not only sharing knowledge but also empowering the next generation to build a more sustainable world.