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Sustainability data made accurate and accessible through technology

July 19, 2022
Data & transparency

With conscious consumerism on the rise, the luxury industry is seeing an increasing investment in sustainable fashion in recent years. Luxury brands such as Prada, Chloé and Hermès are addressing sustainability issues by transitioning to low-emission practices, responsible sourcing or new materials. Additionally, many luxury conglomerates are embracing circular fashion and tapping into the promising potential of resale.


What has really stood out in all these sustainability efforts is that – the bulk of sustainability-focused actions taken by luxury brands has been related to E-transformation. In the FARFETCH Conscious Luxury 2022 report, innovation in data and technology is highlighted as a key driver to help the luxury sector become more conscious. Sustainability data is made accurate and accessible through technology, and Green Story is the sustainability platform helping brands unlock the potential of their sustainability data and achieve a better way of doing business. “With a simple tech integration, Green Story will enable us to enrich the product information with all sorts of sustainability data,” says Hélder Oliveira, Vice President of Product, FARFETCH Platform Services.




Did you know that FARFETCH conscious customers have a 9% higher conversion rate than their average customers? At Green Story, we help brands capture accurate sustainability data for their products, leverage it and communicate it to the market in a way that can be accessible, relatable and easy to understand. By doing so, not only are brands able to drive sustainability forward in an authentic and transparent way, but also create a seamless customer experience and drive revenue for your brand.

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