Stepping into sustainability metrics

For sustainable footwear brand Brave Soles - using sustainability metrics and offsetting tools has enabled them to put their best foot forward, increase customer retention and drive sales.
Know Your Impact
Simplizero Ecommerce

The challenge

With strong sustainability credentials due to their use of upcycled materials and fair labour practices, Brave Soles has a competitive advantage against brands that rely heavily on virgin materials. Whilst their product clearly has environmental and social benefits - they wanted to convey this to the market with clear numbers. The team at Brave Soles were also searching for a solution that would allow everything they do to be measurable, 100% transparent and monitored by a third party to guarantee credibility.

The Solution

When Green Story began working with Brave Soles, we embedded interactive metrics throughout their website, from the homepage to the process of adding to the shopping cart, and finally, at the checkout.

The goal was to indicate the impact of the footwear at each stage of the customer journey. This way, their audience could understand how the Brave Soles' material and manufacturing choices are different to conventional footwear products and how this positively contributes to the environment.

As a result of using the Know Your Impact tool, Brave Soles saw an 87% increase in their sales conversion rate. What’s great to see is that there was also a significant 85% increase in repeat customers after the brand added Green Story’s metrics to its website.

The rise in customer loyalty and sales helps to solidify their journey towards their sustainability goals. It demonstrates how communicating your impact correctly can have benefits for a company’s financial bottom line too. Our partnership allows the company to accurately report their impact to their stakeholders.

The Green Story LCA consulting process

The Green Story team worked with Brave Soles to prepare and gather the required supply chain data. This data is vetted, verified and augmented with secondary research from accredited third parties.
We analysed and presented the environmental impact of the products to Brave Soles, comparing these results with the impact of a conventionally made alternative.
We visualised the impact of their products and integrated via Green Story APIs and plug-ins onto the brand’s e-commerce website and product pages. This helped customers easily digest the information.
Through Green Story’s Simplizero Ecommerce platform, Brave Soles were able to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their products. Our team were able to provide a list of recommended carbon offsetting projects that best matched their supply chain locations. All of these projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
We integrated the Simplizero Ecommerce plug-in into their e-commerce website, visible on the homepage which allows the brand to be transparent about its verified carbon offsetting projects. Following integration with Simplizero, brands are also able to send their customers an email post-purchase about the specific impact that the offsetting has in relation to their carbon footprint.
Brave Soles uses the sustainability data provided by Green Story on its social media platforms and communication channels, such as emails, to enhance their green narrative. They use the information to send updates to their customers about their total impact at the end of the year too which builds further loyalty and engagement.


A live impact counter on Brave Sole’s homepage
This shares the overall impact of the brand’s sourcing and solidifies the positive impact they are continuously making and working towards.
Customized widgets on individual product pages
These playful, customized widgets visualise and tell a story about each specific environmental impact on a per-product basis. It conveys information on the number of tires upcycled, the number of cars off the road and hours of bulb energy saved. Metrics on tires are further included on the header of the website too as a constant reminder.
Offsetting projects aligned to Brave Sole’s mission
We help the brand communicate on each product page the amount of their product’s carbon offset and the projects they are funding so that customers have full visibility. Brave Sole has integrated the offsetting details into the middle of the homepage, updating in real-time.
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