PANGAIA communicates the impact of their green credentials and innovates their customer experience

Green Story worked with PANGAIA, a world leader in sustainable fashion, to help them build a set of tools to quantify and communicate their positive impact and work towards carbon neutrality.
Know Your Impact
Simplizero Ecommerce

The challenge

PANGAIA wanted to quantify the environmental impact of their innovative products in order to communicate it to their customers in a meaningful way and inform their strategy and work towards carbon neutrality. They knew that their collections had many positive attributes, but wanted to find a way to be transparent and add credibility to the green claims they made, using third party data. The brand wanted to make this information easy to access and understand at every single point of the customer journey.

The Solution

Green Story’s platform met all of PANGAIA’s needs, including our ability to provide a robust environmental analysis using the globally recognised Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology for supply chains.

Green Story’s Know Your Impact platform integrates into PANGAIA’s e-commerce website and marketing channels to communicate the positive environmental impact of their products along the customer purchase journey featured on their product and sustainability pages.

PANGAIA also chose to use Green Story solution, Simplizero Ecommerce, to offset the carbon footprint of their products, making them carbon neutral.

Maria Sbiti
Head of Impact, PANGAIA
"Green Story are unique in that they offer a complete service for Life Cycle Assessments, that includes valuable support in data collection and analytical expertise but beyond this, integrates the results of these studies into content that is meaningful to our customers and internal teams. For businesses seeking to make a positive difference, Green Story is a valuable partner to have!"

The Green Story LCA consulting process

The Green Story team worked with PANGAIA to prepare and gather the required supply chain data. This data is vetted, verified and augmented with secondary research from accredited third parties.
We analysed and presented the current environmental impact of the products to PANGAIA. We then compared these results with the impact of a conventionally made alternative.
Individual impacts of PANGAIA’s collection were visualised and integrated via Green Story APIs and plug-ins onto the brand’s e-commerce website and product pages. This helped customers easily digest the information.
Through Green Story’s Simplizero Ecommerce platform, PANGAIA were able to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their products. Our team were able to provide a list of recommended carbon offsetting projects that best matched their supply chain locations. All of these projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We integrated the Simplizero Ecommerce plug-in into PANGAIA’s e-commerce website which allows the brand to be transparent about its verified carbon offsetting projects. Following integration with Simplizero, customers also receive a post-purchase email about the specific impact that the offsetting has in relation to their carbon footprint.
We work collaboratively with PANGAIA to provide them with ongoing support to assess the impact of their supply chain and work with them to identify and track new offsetting projects.
PANGAIA uses the sustainability data provided by Green Story on its social media platforms and communication channels, such as emails, to enhance their green narrative. They use the information to send updates to their customers about their total impact at the end of the year, which builds further loyalty and engagement.


A live impact counter on PANGAIA’s sustainability page
This shares the overall impact of the brand’s sourcing decisions and solidifies the positive impact they are continuously working towards.
Offsetting projects aligned to PANGAIA’s mission
Supporting the brand as they take ownership of unavoidable emissions and providing them with a portfolio of offsetting projects that make an immediate impact on their supply chain.
Customised widgets on individual product pages
These playful, customized widgets visualise and tell a story about each specific environmental impact on a per-product basis. Whether that’s calculating how many t-shirts have been diverted from landfills or how many square meters of land farmed without pesticides, we want to show the impact of decisions like choosing recycled or organic fibers.
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