Transforming plastic into positive impact to convert customers and drive revenue

Canadian sustainable fashion brand Ungalli leveraged impact metrics provided by Green Story to boost online conversion and drive a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Know Your Impact
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The challenge

Ungalli recognised the demand from their customers who wanted to see transparent, accessible information on the supply chain of their jeans. Understanding the provenance of their denim, from farming the cotton seed to the shelves in-store was important to the brand, as was conveying this in an exciting, engaging way. Ungalli wanted to ensure that the sustainability claims made about their products were valid, credible and supported by third-party data. Not only this, the company's goals to achieve carbon neutrality, meant that they were looking for a solution that could help them offset their impact, whilst simultaneously investing in projects that resonated with their brand and customers’ values.

The Solution

Through the use of Green Story’s Know Your Impact tool, Ungalli display the positive impact of each of its products on its e-commerce platform. Importantly, this data is available at multiple customer touchpoints whether that is the product page, cart review or check out. Shoppers are informed about the number of plastic bottles recycled, days of drinking water saved, and energy in lightbulbs conserved, compared to conventional garments.

These metrics saw the conversion rate on the Ungalli website more than double from previous reports that were published before they embarked on a partnership with Green Story. Strong and transparent communication on product impact has helped the brand stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Our work together added further value during Ungalli’s Kickstarter campaign. Sustainability and transparency on impact are important factors for customers and 99% of customers backed the brand on Kickstarter because they were able to showcase this information.

The Green Story LCA consulting process

The Green Story team worked with Ungalli to understand the sourcing and supply chain of their materials and collect the relevant data to inform their analysis.
Our expert team modelled this data to calculate the environmental product of each of Ungalli’s products in comparison to conventional items and also incorporated data related to the number of water bottles used.
Ungalli used Know Your Impact on their e-commerce website to visualise and communicate the positive impact of their items through integration via Green Story APIs and plug-ins.
Ungalli use the sustainability data provided by Green Story on its social media platforms and communication channels, such as emails, to enhance their green narrative. They use the information to send updates to their customers about their total impact at the end of the year too which builds further loyalty and engagement.


An interactive impact counter on Ungalli’s homepage
This feature allows customers to play out various scenarios on the counter depending on the type and quantity of product they want to buy. Through this, they are given the exact results that their purchases can have on water, energy, water and emissions.
Customized widgets on individual product pages
These playful, customized widgets visualise and tell a story about each specific environmental impact on a per-product basis. Whether that’s calculating how many PET bottles have been recycled or days of drinking water saved - it shares an exciting green story with each Ungalli customer.
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