LCA Project Manager


Master’s degree in environmental engineering or similar discipline

· 4 to 6 years of experience in LCA consulting performing, managing, interpreting, and communicating on LCA assessments. At least 1 year of that experience specifically in LCA project management

· Strong knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Corporate Footprint, preferably carried out in the fashion sector

· Experience with one of the LCA software tools (GaBi is a strong asset)

· You have knowledge and experience with project management, as well as project leadership approaches and best practices.

· Solid technical knowledge of LCA frameworks and methodology (EDD, ISO 14001, Comparative LCAs, allocation procedures, cut-off criteria, uncertainty analysis, data quality requirements, impact categories, and completeness, consistency, and sensitivity checks)

· You have demonstrated high levels of teamwork, interpersonal skills, attention to detail and quality, self-motivation, determination in managing complex analytical challenges and problem-solving skills.

· You’re able to guide a team to work efficiently, independently, and on schedule, while maintaining high quality and a highly positive team energy and spirit.

· You’re resilient, perseverant, and self-motivated.


Client Project Management

· Manage LCA projects for clients as a project lead/manager ensuring that quality standards, expectations and deadlines are met

· Work with LCA subject matter experts to assess requirements, define scope and create estimates

· Create project plans and interim release checklists for complex and large client LCA projects.

· Monitor, review, and report project status regularly in order to manage project risks and ensure successful project delivery and implementation

· Support/manage client interactions, such as regular project meetings/update calls, etc.

· Manage relationships & status reporting with clients & applicable third parties (suppliers, 3rd party reviewers etc.)

· Manage and lead project teams.

· Keep track and manage several on-going projects simultaneously

Client Project Delivery

· Plan LCA project work for the team and review interim and final LCA models and deliverables

· Lead meetings with clients and suppliers about their supply chains and technical processes of production

· Provide analytical support to team members

Knowledge Management:

· Thought leadership: Develop and sharing Green Story thought leadership on LCA topics and trends; participate in relevant internal LCA-related initiatives or projects.

· Continuously work to improve current LCA processes for accuracy and efficiency following LCA methodology and recommend tools and processes to be used.

· Training: Identify needs, develop, and deliver internal training on key LCA topics.

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