Sidrap Wind Farm


About the project

Sidrap wind farm located in the South Sulawesi region consists of 30 wind turbines. These 30 wind turbines produce 253,000 MWh - enough clean energy to power over 70,000 local homes.

At a glance

  • Creats 35 permanent jobs 
  • Provides clean energy for over 70,000 homes
  • Raises awareness about renewable energy development and climate change mitigation

Project Benefits

  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels 
  • Reduces air pollution by transitioning away from coal and other fossil fuels


Carbon offset

28233 kg


Project Benefits

Affordable and Clean Energy. Energy is essential to nearly every major change and opportunity.
Decent Work and Economic Growth.Sustainable economic growth will require socieitie to create the conditions to have quality jobs.
Climate Action. Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

How it works

  • PT UPC Sidrap Bayu Energi develops and funds the installation of Wind Turbines.
  • Community members are hired to operate and maintain the windfarm. 
  • The wind farm produces clean energy for the South Sulawesi national power grid, eliminating its reliance on energy from coal and fossil fuels.

Proof of Carbon Accounting

To ensure transparency, Green Story Carbon Registry tracks issuance and retirement of carbon credits for all projects on the Green Story offset platform.


Gold Standard
Carbon Check (India) Private Ltd
UPC renewables