Poultry Powered Energy


About the project

Poultry litter is taken and used to feed renewable electricity back to the Southern Regional Electricity Grid of India, displacing the need for electricity sourced from thermal power plants.

At a glance

  • 121,000 MWh of clean electricity generated annually
  • 68 jobs created
  • 117,000 tons of CO2 mitigated annually

Project Benefits

  • Eliminates methane that’s released from  litter being dumped in local landfills

  • Displaces the need for thermal power plants generating electricity


Carbon offset

972000 kg


Project Benefits

Good Health and Well-being. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to development.
Affordable and Clean Energy. Energy is essential to nearly every major change and opportunity.
Decent Work and Economic Growth.Sustainable economic growth will require socieitie to create the conditions to have quality jobs.

How it works

  • Project developer funds the infrastructure for the project, hiring and training local community members 

  • The generator burns the poultry litter and biomass waste from local farms, generating renewable electricity for the local power grid, displacing the need for fossil fuel generated electricity 

  • The project creates better sanitary conditions for the community and promotes the growth of the local renewable energy industry

Proof of Carbon Accounting

To ensure transparency, Green Story Carbon Registry tracks issuance and retirement of carbon credits for all projects on the Green Story offset platform.


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Earthood Services Private Limited