Zaoyuan Solar Cooker


About the project

The project involves the distribution of 50,000 solar cookers to rural households in Zhenping County, Henan Province. 

At a glance

  • 50,000 solar cookstoves distributed 
  • 100,541 tons of CO2 reduced annually 

Project Benefits

  • Reduced CO2 emissions 
  • Less reliance on local wood for cooking 


Carbon offset

6957821 kg


Project Benefits

Affordable and Clean Energy. Energy is essential to nearly every major change and opportunity.
Decent Work and Economic Growth.Sustainable economic growth will require socieitie to create the conditions to have quality jobs.
Climate Action. Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

How it works

  • Project developer funds the distribution of cook stoves in the local community 
  • Cookstoves are installed, and eliminate the need for firewood for cooking 
  • This improves air quality in the home, mitigating health risks and improving quality of life 

Proof of Carbon Accounting

To ensure transparency, Green Story Carbon Registry tracks issuance and retirement of carbon credits for all projects on the Green Story offset platform.


Gold Standard
Shenzhen CTI International Certification Co., Ltd
Sirreon Technology & Development (Beijing) Co.,Ltd