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Green Story’s platform enables you to optimize the Life Cycle Analysis experience. Our intelligent system automatically assigns a supply chain tailored to your products so you can access data on the impact of your product throughout its life cycle in real-time. We want to empower you to make data-backed decisions in the most efficient way.
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Fill data gaps and gain access to the right expertise and resources

At Green Story, we specialize in Life Cycle Analysis, helping you overcome data gaps and providing expert guidance to advance your sustainability goals.

We understand the difficulties associated with collecting accurate and comprehensive data throughout the entire life cycle of a product. With our extensive data library, you can access information on the environmental impact of raw materials, manufacturing processes, transportation, product use, and end-of-life disposal.
Conducting comprehensive LCAs requires profound knowledge and considerable financial resources that may not be accessible to everyone. Through our advisory team, we aim to empower organizations of all sizes, with the necessary information and tools to prioritize their sustainability efforts.

How it works

Our system requests product information including category, sub-category and other differentiators.

Based on the algorithms within our extensive internal library, it will identify and assign a supply chain template that is best for your product.

Template supply chains are derived from global averages which create immediate footprint calculations as soon as products are uploaded.

Users are able to customize and add business models into the system if they use re-use schemes, take back or rental for a given product.

Our library is maintained, updated and curated by our internal LCA and apparel experts.

About our LCA methodology

Life Cycle Assessment is a globally recognised methodology used to assess the environmental impacts associated with all stages of the life cycle of a product. Here are more details on our methodology:

Following ISO Standards

Our LCA methodology is in accordance with the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. These are the leading international standards on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), covering the process of performing an LCA, from defining the scope and goal and inventory analysis to assessing the impact and interpreting the data.

Using verified third party data

We source data from accredited third parties such as Ecoinvent, Sphera, and Textile Exchange to ensure our models meet the highest levels of scrutiny. Any secondary data used is typically peer reviewed or vetted by third parties.

A strong internal review team

Before the final and external review, our team thoroughly checks the findings from the LCA study and brings in a third party expert to support the verification and validate the data.

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