Supply Chain Transparency

Our platform improves supply chain traceability and enriches your existing data. You can customize details based on product differences to improve accuracy and add details as you go along. Our tools enable you to visualize and map your supply chain from Tier 1 to Tier 4 as well as share details on processes, components and suppliers to enhance transparency.
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Untangle the complexities of supply chain management

The fashion industry has complicated, opaque and globally dispersed supply chains with multiple tiers that can make it hard to manage and collect data. Each individual product can have a completely different supply chain and gathering the data from suppliers and their subcontractors can be challenging, as well as time-consuming. Not only this, but each actor has varying levels of environmental performance that need to be reflected accurately and credibly in measurement and reporting.
Through the Green Story platform, we have created a way for you to remove these complexities and map your supply chain in one central location.

How it works

Our wizard format makes it easy for you to input the details of your supply chain.

For varying product components and details, simply select different points in a supply chain.

Additional details can be added on processes and components by your team, the Green Story administration team or suppliers.

To get deeper insights into your network, we’ve made it easy for you to add and verify new suppliers.

Once uploaded, your impact and product supply chains are updated in real-time based on our integration with external data libraries. We ensure only the most relevant data is used.

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