TAMGA Designs leverages impact metrics to boost sales and build customer loyalty

Sustainable fashion brand TAMGA Designs has always wanted its collection to be used as a force for good. The brand partnered with Green Story to share how its ethical practices and climate commitments can create a positive impact.
Know Your Impact
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The challenge

With such a clear and dedicated purpose, the TAMGA team wanted to find a way to highlight how their supply chain and performance differed from conventional mass-market fashion brands. They were seeking a solution that conveyed their sustainability information in a clear and concise way without confusing customers, whilst simultaneously connecting their existing and potential customers with the tangible benefits that came with purchasing their clothing.

The Solution

By working with the Green Story Know Your Impact solution, TAMGA was able to integrate important impact metrics and visuals onto their website. At each stage of the customer journey, the brand communicates the impact of their garments, the provenance of the materials and the green story behind these fashion items.

The presentation of this essential sustainability data in a transparent manner, backed by verified third party sources has led to an increase in trust and improvement in conversion rate. The brand reported a 99% average increase in conversion since integrating its website with Know Your Impact by Green Story.

Not only this, it has contributed to a 251% increase in sales since implementing the Green Story tools.

The Green Story LCA consulting process

The Green Story team worked with TAMGA to understand the sourcing and supply chain of their materials and collect the relevant data to inform their analysis.
Our experts modelled this data to calculate the environmental product of each of TAMGA’s products in comparison to conventional items, highlighting impact in terms of water and energy savings as well as carbon emissions avoided.
TAMGA used Know Your Impact on their e-commerce website to visualise and communicate the positive impact of their items through integration via Green Story APIs and plug-ins.


Customized widgets on individual product pages
The Green Story team have designed each product page on TAMGA’s website to showcase customised Know Your Impact widgets that tell a story about each specific sustainability metric on a per-product basis.
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